How to Get Rid of Smelly Vaginal Odor

A smelly vaginal odor is one of the most embarrassing health problems that a woman can have. A problem that can affect almost every women, this foul smelling genital odor often occur among women of reproductive age and can continue to be a problem for many years, if left untreated.

If you suffer from unpleasant vaginal odor, then you know exactly how it makes you feel. You are ashamed of your body and the smell make you feel more self conscious and less confident about yourself.

All you want to know is how to get rid of the foul vaginal odor so you can return to the confident women that you once were and get on with your life.

Fortunately, smelly vagina odor is a treatable condition and there are many ways and remedies that are available to help eliminate vaginal odor. If you are concern about unpleasant genital odor, try the following suggestions:
  • Avoid wearing tight underwear and pants that may cause vaginal sweating. Excess moisture trap around your vaginal region could cause or increase vaginal odor.
  • Maintain good personal hygiene by washing your vagina daily with warm water and unscented soap. Avoid using scented soaps or body wash since they can actually irriate and worsen the problem.
  • Try wearing panty liners as they help to absorb any excess moisture and vaginal discharge. Keep a few in your bag if you are having discharge quite regularly. 
  • Yougurt contain healthy (lactobacilli) bacteria help prevent the over growth of yeast to combat vaginal yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis. You can prevent and treat existing vaginal odor by eating a cup of plain yougurt daily.
  • Garlic has strong anti-fungal properties and, like yogurt, has proven its value in treating yeast infections. Making a natural garlic paste or inserting a garlic clove in your vagina can help reduce vaginal odor. 
    • With its strong antiseptic properties, tea tree oil is another natural remedy favored by many women. Mix a few drops of tea tree oil in some lukewarm water and then use this mixture to wash your vagina. 
    • Try Femanol, one of the popular herbal remedies taken orally to help get rid of vaginal odor. It contains many antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral herbs and vitamins (such as deodorized garlic, Beta glucans, neem bark extract, vitamin B, biotin, zinc and selenium) that helps eliminate vaginal odor by destroying the odor-causing bacteria, making Femanol a potent natural supplement.
        Use these tips to get rid of a smelly vaginal odor so you can start feeling fresh, sexy and confident again!